The Faces Behind Art of Edina

Sponsors & Founders

Brad Johnson, Scott Beuning & Erik Hendrikson of Tradition Companies

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Art of Edina is powered by Tradition Companies. After several decades helping Edina residents with their mortgage, banking and investments needs, the leaders of Tradition Companies have decided it is time to “Pass it On” to their community.

Using the resources accrued through years of hard work, Tradition is helping to fund a wide variety of Edina community initiatives.  The target initiatives include supporting youth and high school athletics, the local arts, public parks, youth leadership skill building, and more.

Brad Johnson of Tradition Wealth Management

Brad Johnson of Tradition Wealth Management

Inside the Tradition Companies, this movement is known by the slogan, “Tradition, Pass it On”.  The slogan represents not only the company name, but also pays homage to the rich tradition of Edina in athletics, education, and all other areas of the community.

To learn more about the Pass It On initiative, see their web site

To learn more about Tradition Companies, visit their website at:

Program Director

Jill Emmer, Shine On Photos

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Art of Edina is directed by Jill Emmer of Shine On Photos, LLC.

Jill works as a content creator, lifestyle photographer, influencer and artist. Her art work has been displayed in museums, magazines, newspapers and used by organizations such as Getty, Explore MN, Midwest Living Magazine, Huffington Post, REI, and more.

Laura Johnson, Jill Emmer & Beth Webert

Laura Johnson, Jill Emmer & Beth Webert

To read more about her, visit or @shineonyoucraydiamond on Instagram.

Social Media Strategist

Tracy Blowers, Soul Photography & Media

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Tracy took the leap in 2011 to start her own photography and social media business. She is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, content creator, and social media strategist. She is passionate about the little moments that make life big. To her, there is nothing better than capturing candid moments with her camera. A proud Minnesotan but loves to travel, especially road trips with her dog, Utah.

Volunteer & Event Coordinator

Laura Johnson

from left to right: Laura Johnson, Beth Webert, Shannon Wynne &

from left to right: Laura Johnson, Beth Webert, Shannon Wynne &

Laura is an integral part of Art of Edina. She has been with us since the beginning. She focuses on coordinating our events and securing volunteers as needed. She also is an “idea” person and is wonderful at bringing people and community organizations together.

Laura grew up in Duluth and has been in the Edina area for over 20 years. She is married to Brad Johnson of Tradition Companies. They have two children who help out at many of our events: Kate and Will. Kate is a freshman at Texas Christian University and Will is a senior at Edina High School.


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