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We were proud to be the organizers of “Pinky Swear Day” in partnership with the Edina Football Association on Saturday October 13, 2018.

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All 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Edina Football Association players were able to learn about the Pinky Swear Foundation and participated in a “hands on” project.

The Pinky Swear Foundation is a Minnesota non-profit that has been supporting kids with cancer for over 15 years.

First, the Pinky Swear director, Erica Campbell, briefly spoke with each set of teams. She told them about the organization and the importance of supporting friends, family and people in our community!

After the kids heard from Erica, they headed over to the Art of Edina station where their hands were photographed doing a “pinky swear.”

Afterwards the Art of Edina edited all of the photos together and made a 25 foot banner that was displayed for over 3 months at Southdale Mall! The display also included photos from the “Pinky Swear Day” event, information on all parties involved and a special area for one of the EFA players to tell his story and his experiences with Pinky Swear.